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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to cover all the questions you might have about your wedding videography but in the event you have unanswered queries or would like to speak to someone about booking with us please do not hesitate to get in touch directly

As a MINIMUM all our packages include:

Booking secured with minimal $250 deposit

Remainder paid off in instalments under payment plan customised to meet your needs

Multiple payment options

Our friendly booking manager is available to answer any queries via phone/SMS/email

At least 2 videographers to capture your day

4-6 cameras capturing ceremony and reception

4K recording on our master cameras for ceremony and reception

Professional lighting and support/grip equipment when needed

Professional lapel & plant mics for recording vows and speeches

Online sampler preview for your socials within 14 days

Your very own online web portal where all your wedding videos are hosted for you to view, share and download

Package Dependant (see individual package descriptions or contact us for more info)

Approx 60-90mins feature documentary of your wedding day (final total edited footage)

5-12 min highlight reel

Social reels/stills package

How much of the day do you cover?

That really depends on you and the package you choose -  we can cover the ceremony on it's own, or we can be there for the whole wedding day from your hair & makeup in the morning till you leave the reception at the end of the evening. The packages we offer will give you a good idea of exactly what is covered and what you get as an end result.
As a minimum we use 4, sometimes 5 cameras to cover the ceremony and reception so rest assured we cover a lot !
You'll notice that we don't say '6 hour package' or '8 hour package' etc - that's because your day rarely fits in a nice neat box ! By example, for a Relive The Day package, we are there from hair and make up to first dance - something like 8 or 9 hours in the end.

How long is the video?

There are separate sections for each part of the day so it depends on what parts you have chosen to be filmed. 

The bride & groom preparation highlights is around 5 minutes to 7 minutes depending on the package

The ceremony is 25-35 minutes on average (your ceremony is filmed non-stop so the end result is as long as your ceremony takes)

The photo shoot highlights are around 5 minutes. Note that this is an option on most packages and can be added as an additional.

The reception/speeches is 45 - 60 minutes on average

The online sample preview is around 1.5 minutes

The wedding day highlights are 5, 8 or 12 minutes depending on the package.

If you'd prefer to have all the separate sections of the day as one 'wedding film' just let us know and we'll do just that. 

Can I choose my own music?

For sure ! In fact, we ask you to list the music you have chosen on the day together with other songs you particularly like and we use that music to complete your wedding video. We have an APRA/AMCOS licence to produce this.  If you have chosen a song to play while you walk down the aisle or sign the register, that's the song you want to hear when you watch your wedding film! 

** it's important to note that the sample we produce for online delivery (facebook etc) cannot have your choice of music - we are limited to commercially licenced music.  If you want your complete wedding highlights online we can create another version with commercially licenced music. You cannot upload your highlights to social media without infringing copyright.

Do I need to provide meals

Yes - for 2, sometimes 3, personnel. We'll let you know when you book how many crew will be on the job. Most wedding days start at 11am and we do not stop; the first chance we have to eat something is around 7 or 8pm after all the guests are fed, so we need to eat. Usually venues provide a 'vendors meal' which usually costs you around $40 - that means we get a main meal.

You should definitely check to see what your vendors are getting for that cost too - we've been served nuggets & chips for a main! (that cost the bride $160 for us and the photographer & DJ) and that was a well known venue in the Hunter.  Bread rolls?  - no chance! 

How many camera operators will there be?

We always use a minimum of two camera operators sometimes three. That way we can separate to cover the bride & groom preparation and cover different angles at the ceremony & reception without getting in anyone's way.

How many hours are you with us filming?

We don't specify the number of hours - we are there as long as it takes to get the coverage you want. If you have chosen to have a package where we cover till the end of the 1st dance, one of us will film a couple more songs while the other packs up. If you have chosen to have us there till the end of the evening - we'll be there until you leave. What we are careful of is having tired crew driving and so if it looks like in planning it's going to be a long day/late night we may slate an additional crew member. We'll discuss that with you in the booking.

Will you get in the way during the day?

We sincerely hope not ! And actively try to maintain as low a profile as possible whilst still capturing the footage you want - our primary aim is to document the day without becoming part of it.
Unlike most videographers, we will never stand in the aisle and film and we will never go behind the celebrant to film. We aim to remain in the background as much as possible, behind the guests. A lot of our couples say "we didn't even see you - how did you film that?" Photographers love working with us because we liaise with them throughout the day to make sure we're not in each others way.

Can we have drone shots ? 

You certainly can (see our add-on options) but please be mindful of the legal restrictions. Should you wish to book a drone we will refund you if for any reason we are unable to fly (weather, legal restrictions etc)


The rules for small drone use are very specific and there are 3 that are most pertinent for weddings:

  • You must keep your RPA (drone) at least 30 metres (100 feet) away from other people. You CANNOT sign a waiver or get around this rule.

  • You must not fly your RPA over any area where, in the event of a loss of control or failure, you create an unreasonable hazard to the safety of people and property on the ground (populous area). Places like beaches & parks are specifically mentioned.

  • You must keep your RPA at least 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes - operations within the 3nm radius of an uncontrolled aerodrome or helicopter landing site are restricted.

That means that LEGALLY we can't do a fly-over of your ceremony while guests are present, we can't fly over your guests or any other members of the public at any time. Other videographers may do this. We prefer to stay within law and keep you and your guests safe.


You should also check with the venue as an increasing number are banning drone use due to safety/privacy concerns.

What do I get?

Again - the choice is yours - we usually deliver your wedding by digital download but if you'd prefer your wedding on USB, DVD or Blu-Ray you can add that as an additional item. Your entire wedding is also available online via your very own private web page. 

Why don't you include the photo shoot in your packages?

You absolutely can include the photo shoot as an option, but we'd prefer to leave that to the photographer - you have allocated a specific amount of time for the photo shoot and your photographer needs that time to get the best shots. Other videographers include the photo shoot because that's the time they get the most 'creative' shots', if you look at their examples you'll see lots of those 'creative shots'. Our examples are all real highlights of actual weddings and include plenty of creative and cinematic shots without faking anything.  We prefer to film the final preparations at the venue and pre-dinner drinks with your guests to show you what's happening while you're not there. If you specifically want the photo shoot covered we'll be happy to add that in - just check with your photographer to see that he has time to cover all the locations with us there. 

Who will film my wedding?

Unlike a lot of other videography businesses,  we don't sub-contract out our weddings - if you book Relive The Day™, you get Relive The Day™. If we are booked on a particular day - we are booked. We have 2 teams so it's possible to cover 2 weddings but we'll happily recommend a couple of videographers we know personally if we are booked, or we can put your details on a closed professional wedding forum to see who's available. 


What we won't do is accept your booking and take your money and then wait till a month or two before the wedding to advertise for a videographer to do the job at the last minute (we see that happening on a regular basis, with small & large studios in both photography & video - you'd be surprised how often!) You should make sure the person you booked is the person that will be turning up on the day.


If You choose Relive The Day™, it's because you like our work, and you expect us to do that work - not hire someone else to do it and then stick our name on it. 

What about a discount...

 ... No

What about a weekday wedding discount? ...No

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten


We want people to choose Relive The Day™ because of the quality & style of the work we do and the joy of working with us, not because we're $50 cheaper than someone else. We understand that price is important, we know you have a budget and you're not going to be able to fit in everything you want, but when the dust settles - do you want something you show your friends & family and say "but I got 50% off!" to explain why it's not really up to par? There seem to be lots of photographers & videographers who advertise huge discounts but what do you get in the end? There are a more than a few brides around who jump at the discount and end up with next-to-nothing!


We have always tried to keep our pricing at a reasonable level and that just leaves no room to play the 'discount game'. This is a common practice in service and retail - pricing is hiked by 10 or 15% so there's room to move when the discount question comes up.

Can you do a better price? Sure, I'll take 10% off because I like you (that's the 10% I put on before you walked in the door) everyone's happy - you got a discount, I got a client and my original price - it's all good.


But not really, you see- what about the bride who really likes our work and doesn't ask - she then ends up paying more, and that doesn't sound very fair to us.


If you want to ask each supplier for a better price, go for it - just understand that some may be ready for you and others may not be interested in playing that game.

Can I make changes to a particular package?

Yes, you can choose to mix & match to suit the coverage you want. We are always happy to discuss different options.

Can I organise a payment plan?

You certainly can, we can organise regular payments to suit you - weekly, monthly - whatever suits you.

How long until we see our video?

We try to create a sample/preview trailer within 14 days of the wedding and have all parts of the wedding day online for you to view/download within 12 weeks of the wedding date.  That may seem a long time but with the number of weddings we do and the work involved in editing your wedding, 12 weeks is the timeframe we have set.

How far will you travel?

Wherever you need us to go! - We consider anywhere within approx an hour or so travel each way as 'normal' travel - that covers as far north as Newcastle, inland to Singleton and as far south as Sydney. So, if your wedding is anywhere in the City, Hills, Northern Beaches, on the Central Coast, Newcastle or in the Hunter Valley- you're local and there is no charge for travel!


While an 1-hour-plus drive first thing in the morning to film your preparation is no problem, packing up later in the evening ready for the drive home is a struggle. If the drive takes longer, or is more than 100k, then we may need to charge for travel & accommodation (please contact to discuss). An easy way to estimate the cost is to use Google Maps to calculate the distance from Calga on the Central Coast (our base) to your suburb.  By doubling that distance you have the amount of return travel we need to cover. One dollar for every kilometre gets you a cost for travel & accommodation IF it's chargeable. This charge also covers the fact that we may book the whole weekend for 'away weddings',  travelling there on a Friday & back on a Sunday.  But please get in topuch and let's have a chat about it.

as an example: 

Calga to Port Macquarie = 330k x 2 x $1 = $660 

Calga to Dubbo = 450k x 2 x $1 = $900

Calga to Parkes = 380k x 2 x $1 = $760

(this is the amount that is added to the package price)

This charge is calculated using the NRMA cost per kilometre for travel, accommodation for 2 camera operators & wages while travelling for the 2nd operator.


The calculation applies for regional NSW  - if your wedding is in the greater Sydney area the charge is $2/km (to cover increased cost of accom, time in traffic and tolls etc)

Got a question we haven't answered?
Jump on our live chat or fill out the contact form below and we'll get straight back to you  -  we may even add it to the list!

Thanks for submitting!

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