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One of the hardest shots to capture...

What would you think is one of the hardest shots for us to capture as part of your wedding video after the ceremony ?

A rustic sign point the way to a wonderful wedding

Probably not what you think...

...given this is - as we hear so many couples saying - their 'happiest day' - but honestly, what we see very little of is the newly wedded couple being happy TOGETHER. You'd be amazed at how hard that is ! But we literally search through hours of footage after every wedding and finding a 'perfect moment' shot between the bride and groom on your special day is like the proverbial needle in the haystack.

So we asked ourselves "why is this", and we think, after many weddings looking out for this very thing, we've found the answer.

They get too busy !

Once the ceremony is over it's meeting and greeting. And a lot of the time the Bride and Groom are split up saying all their hellos and hugs to friends and family - but more often than not they are pulled apart as this happens, and so we don't get to see them joyfully greet people as the new 'husband and wife' . And then it's on to the photos which can get very busy...and then the bridal party arrival...then dinner...then speeches....then cake..SO many things !

And we watch you SO closely through all of these parts of your special day over and over again while sorting and editing footage and there seems rarely to be a time for the two of you to just 'be' with each other, coz we LOVE capturing those moments (especially in slow-mo); those special candid moments where you are just able to 'be' with each other amongst the busyness of your special day.

Take a moment

So, when you're planning your wedding day, whether you have a videographer or not, please don't forget to take a moment just for yourselves; make each other an island of loving peace within the organised noise and chaos of the day where you can connect with that special someone who you just married. And even if we don't see it, you'll have that moment between the two of you for ever.

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