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How to Deal with Wedding Stress

Wedding planning is known to be stressful. There is no way of sugar-coating it, as the process entails months of endless meetings, phone calls, discussions, and intense decision-making on the part of the bride and the groom. Even with the help of a wedding planner, the bride usually gets a generous chunk of the burden because of the numerous elements associated with its role. From forming the bridal party to picking the bridal gown, the bride always plays a key role in the planning and the stress is deemed to be inevitable. However, there are a few tricks which could help the bride handle the pressure with graceful ease, right up to the day she says her "I do".

Bridesmaids helping the bride with her dress

Have healthy doses of happy hormones. Exercise increases the production of hormones that are natural mood boosters. For the working brides-to-be, have a quick afternoon run around the neighbourhood or sneak in 10-minute yoga sessions at home in the morning. These pre-wedding workout plans are beneficial not only for your figure but for your mental wellness as well.

Call in the troops. Just because you are the bride, it doesn’t mean you have to go through every single meeting alone. If your fiancé can’t accompany you to vendor meetings, call in your maid of honour or your bridesmaids. Enlist the help of your closest friends and family members to make agonising tasks more enjoyable. Transform a tedious night of arranging envelopes into a movie marathon night with the ladies where everyone can watch, chat, and seal invites.

Make it a rewarding experience. Finished mailing and handing out the invites? You and your fiancé earned a movie date and take a night off wedding planning. Done with the table assignments and the seating chart? Consider it a cheat day and get a couple of cocktails with your co-workers. These mini-rewards are like breathers in between tasks, while also motivating you to finish more items on the to-do list.

Take a step back and breathe. Of course, there has never been a 'perfect' wedding and nothing can ever guarantee a 100% problem-free day. With dozens of elements, people, personalities and places that make up the entire wedding day from the ceremony to the reception, there is always the opportunity for something to not go according to plan. If all the organising becomes too much to handle, you can always take a break. Spend a weekend without any wedding-related plans and impose a ban on wedding topics at home to clear your mind for a bit. Don’t get too caught up in the tiny details. And be easy on yourself !

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