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Wedding 101 - Groomsmen Duties

Like shining knights beside the king, the groomsmen are hand-picked by the groom (and sometimes the bride as well) to stand as the groom’s own troop on the day of the wedding. They stood by their mate’s side through the ups and downs of his life as a single lad so it’s about right for them to be by his side as well as he starts a new chapter of his life as a husband.

Duties & Responsibilities

Being a groomsman comes with its own set of duties and responsibilities. Depending on the groom and the bride, the tasks given to the groomsmen may vary, ranging from simple errands like picking up items for the wedding to the more fun job of accompanying the best man in bringing the groom’s gift to the bride before the ceremony.

However, here below we have listed the basic duties of the groomsmen before the wedding and even on the day itself:

Formal Wear

Attend formal wear fittings. Just like the ladies, the men also have to be measured and fitted for their matching suits and pants. With neckties and bowties, it would be better to learn how to do the different ties and knots early on with a little help from YouTube videos so you can all be pros on the day itself. (You'd be surprised at how many ties our Crew have helped knot over the years !)

The Buck's Party

Throwing a bucks party a.k.a. bachelor party. Probably the most exciting part of being a groomsman would be having the bucks party. Be it a Hangover-type weekend getaway or a low-key boys’ night out, organise it at least a fortnight before the wedding day and make sure the bachelor gets to have a party he'll want to remember forever instead of a night that you'd all rather forget.

Errands and pick-ups before the wedding.

Make sure to be available for any last minute wedding errands from the couple, like picking up relatives from the airport, dropping off items to the reception venue, etc. If the groom-to-be gets to spend the last night as a bachelor with his mates, make sure not to have too much alcohol since tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY!

The Wedding Day

Welcome guests and usher them to their seats. Since the bride, her parents, and the bridesmaids aren't at the ceremony venue yet, the groomsmen can lend a hand in bringing the guests to their seats right before the ceremony starts.

Hold the rings and sign the papers. The best man gets to act as the keeper of the rings as he keeps it safe right before the exchange during the ceremony. He may also get to sign the marriage license as a witness of the wedding, which gets to be immortalised in the couple’s license forever.

Play along in the photoshoot. As the newlyweds are whisked away by the photographer, the rest of the bridal party goes along and joins in the photo shoot. Poses by the sunset, group shots by the meadows, and wacky faces all around - be ready to smile your heart out!

Give a killer speech. Time to whip out those funny stories and prepare those hankies as well for some tear-jerking messages from the groom’s best mates. However, no need to embarrass the groom with stories from the past (hinting at them will be enough) and make sure to keep your message short, sweet, and genuine. Don’t forget to compliment the ever-radiant bride on her look, as well as the bridesmaids, too.

Get the party started. When the dance floor opens, be the first ones to get into the groove and encourage the crowd to join in as well.

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